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For Ohio Public Employers, “ban the box” Is Now the Law.
A few days before Christmas, Governor Kasich signed into law a bill that prohibits public employers from including on job applications questions regarding an applicant’s criminal background. This and similar laws in other jurisdictions are often referred to as being part of the “ban the box” initiative....

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Matthew J. Bakota 2016/01/28

Union or Non-Union - the NLRB Continues Attack on HR Policies
Does your handbook prohibit employees from discussing his or her wages with other employees? Does your handbook prohibit defamatory comments by employees about the company, its customers or its employees? Does your handbook prohibit employees from...

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Amy C. Mitchell 2015/12/09

Will the ACA Result in Fewer Workers' Compensation Claims?
The American employer’s role as health insurance provider has slowly evolved along two paths, workers’ compensation and employee benefits. The 2010 enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) cements this concept: Americans’ healthcare largely rests with employers.

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Abigail K. White 2015/08/10

New OSHA Confined Space Standard for the Construction Industry
Construction Confined Space Standard – This standard has been in the works for several years. The standard was finally published as a final rule on May 4, 2015 with an effective date of August 3, 2015. Recently OSHA issued a stay of enforcement until October 2, 2015. During this period OSHA will not issue citations to employers making a...

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Gary W. Auman 2015/07/27
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