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Presentation Materials

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Tricks or Treats - Presentation

Presentation slides used during the October 26th seminar "Tricks or Treats? What the Latest Legal Developments Mean for Employers" presented by Amy Mitchell, Abbie White, Matt Bakota & Stephen Watring. 

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SEAK National Conference - Handout

Presentation handout used during the "SEAK National W/C Conference " presentation by Gary Auman.

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EMV Merchant Liability - Presentation

Presentation slides used during the "EMV Merchant Liability" presentation by Richard Carr.

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Social Media and Your Employees - Presentation

Presentation slides used during the May 30th seminar "Social Media and Your Employees" presented by Stephen Watring.

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Social Media Policy - Presentation
The following guidelines address the use of social media by all employees of the Company, both during working and non-working time.

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Ohio Construction Reform NUCA of Ohio

Presentation slides presented by Richard Carr and assisted by Donald Rineer. 

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Public Construction Drastically Changed - Presentation

Presentation slides used during the July 21st seminar "Public Construction Drastically Changed" presented by Robert Dunlevey, Richard Carr and Donald Rineer. 

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GWA interview by the NSC
OHSA conducted 39,167 inspections of U.S. workplaces during its 2004 fiscal year, resulting...

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